7th day of Blessings: Michael

Blessings Onto You: In this day of victory, triump, and peace as we honor the resurrection of our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach the Christ and King of Jews. No greater homage in this day to our savior is a blessing from Archangel Michael, he who was like God. Archangel of protection, power, initiation, speech, and liberty.  [...]


6th Day of Blessings: Zadkiel

​Blessings Unto You: I am currently on a bus, seated next to a man who appears to be a neo nazi but such assumptions are beyond me. While we may not like each other, we have found the sensibilities, civility, and patience to be seated as brothers. In the least as humans. Until we can [...]

4th Day of Blessings: Uriel

​Blessings Onto You: I am sitting by the pond as I reach out to you. Offering another day of light, love, and blessings into your wonderous life. I hope this correspondence finds you in good spirits and good health. And if not I pray your day has resolution.  Today, is the day of honoring Archangel [...]

3rd Day of Blessings: Gabriel

Blessings Onto You: Today, I sit at my dinner table awaiting breakfast and listening to a wonderful Kings Kaleidoscope playlist giving all glory to the creator.  Today, I seek to honor Archangel Gabriel who found the prophet Muhammad in the caves upon his knees and gave a humble man new life. The Archangel Divine Messenger [...]

Watch “No Pain, No Glory” on YouTube

I wanted to do this video to begin opening the can of worms, I've never seen addressed by the religious community in an area under constant attack.  Notice I didn't specify​ any faith because I believe all believers of the Supreme Yahweh have the same issues, dealing with the outright rejection and Satanism. It's fine [...]