Authenticity, Being Ourselves

Look yourself in the mirror, who do you see? Do you see the world's limited perception of you, is this what you find your value you in, the external validation of mankind? Do you allow others to tell you how good you look, how nice you are, how loving you are, and how successful you [...]


6th Day of Blessings: Zadkiel

​Blessings Unto You: I am currently on a bus, seated next to a man who appears to be a neo nazi but such assumptions are beyond me. While we may not like each other, we have found the sensibilities, civility, and patience to be seated as brothers. In the least as humans. Until we can [...]

The Shatter

People think because you've broken you are weak. I’m currently experiencing a situation in which people assume because you break and it's as if you were never strong. You break. It becomes your fault despite having held your burdens quietly in a corner while you braved a storm. I don't ask for medals. I complain [...]