Fix your broken wings, Accept your demons.

If the 5th through 15th centuries were the construction and works of the Medieval Age. We are then living well within the Eval Age now, and this must be recognized. Instead of acknowledging our hurts, pains, wrongdoing, flaws, and shortcomings. We live in a society of actors and oppressors each exchanging their roles and insults, [...]


7th day of Blessings: Michael

Blessings Onto You: In this day of victory, triump, and peace as we honor the resurrection of our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach the Christ and King of Jews. No greater homage in this day to our savior is a blessing from Archangel Michael, he who was like God. Archangel of protection, power, initiation, speech, and liberty.  [...]

3rd Day of Blessings: Gabriel

Blessings Onto You: Today, I sit at my dinner table awaiting breakfast and listening to a wonderful Kings Kaleidoscope playlist giving all glory to the creator.  Today, I seek to honor Archangel Gabriel who found the prophet Muhammad in the caves upon his knees and gave a humble man new life. The Archangel Divine Messenger [...]

7 days of Blessings: Jophiel

Blessings Onto You: Everyday I sit myself down and write a letter to the wondrous and supreme Archangels. Each day, one of the major Archangels receives a letter for me, and with this I gain some insight into their ways, blessings, and joy. I wanted to spend a week delivering better understanding and connection to [...]