Consistency in Side Career

As I type on a rather poor quality phone. Rewritin every other word. With little concern for typos. Battling autocorrect as I attempt to make a point.  There were many i expected to assist and support me as i made my decision to become a content creator. To focus on my writing career and to [...]


Coming Into My Own- Morgan Sameera

Training alongside my guard helped my powers grow ballistically. I never realized how much I confined myself relying upon manipulation of the ether or teleportation alone. Baat was right. I see now I could stand wars of attrition and vanguard against true evil and darkness. The waiting, plotting, and precision seemed all a courtesy for [...]

The Police and The People

I wanted to sit down, creating a third party observation of three recent police brutality issues, and the people's retaliation to police to find, not so much blame, but a common cause and understanding as to why these issues happen. I am a Black man who has personally never had any issues with police in [...]

Trust Ourselves Again

Have you ever hurt someone you cared deeply for? Have you ever hurt yourself, making the same decisions repeatedly until others stared at you as if you had three heads? Do you love your faith and religion, but are drawn and blocked but the multitude shaming and damning your beliefs for actions before your existence? [...]

Skyscraper- Morgan Sameera

They wish to categorize and understand what they cannot relate to. Rather than embrace the new experience. The new perspective. The brand new field of thought altogether. But… it’s as though their very ego is challenged by a perspective outside their self. My entire life I have been blatantly aware of the psychosomatic boundaries between [...]

Fix your broken wings, Accept your demons.

If the 5th through 15th centuries were the construction and works of the Medieval Age. We are then living well within the Eval Age now, and this must be recognized. Instead of acknowledging our hurts, pains, wrongdoing, flaws, and shortcomings. We live in a society of actors and oppressors each exchanging their roles and insults, [...]