Youth Sample

  Just a glance at the room...Everyone seated in their fine suits and dresses. Thousands filed away in seats for the handshaking and smiles. Bobbing their heads to the elevator music, making idle chithcat and exchanging business cards. I never took. Too many people, too many names to remember. I didn’t care about any of [...]


Saving Souls and Indigos

I scheduled this post for yesterday but my day prevented me from feeling capable on addressing the subject. I needed a bit more experience.  I recently decided to end my social media career. As well as my interactions with any and everyone. I suppose I will be a bit more exclusive and reclusive in the [...]

Consistency in Side Career

As I type on a rather poor quality phone. Rewritin every other word. With little concern for typos. Battling autocorrect as I attempt to make a point.  There were many i expected to assist and support me as i made my decision to become a content creator. To focus on my writing career and to [...]

5/5 My Personal Day of Death

Today is May 5th 2017, better known as by those through religious observation and those who use holidays as excuses for alcoholism and diversion... Cinco de Mayo. Though, it's difficult to call May 5th a religious holiday. It is done with the intentions of reaching, speaking to, convening with, and nurturing the death beyond their [...]