“Pecking Order” – New Girl teaser

Pecking Order   I showed up, virtually ignored by everyone as I walked into the dressing room to change. As I was walking in another woman was behind me, with her stripper droppings all over her body pouring out her hands. “I think I broke the bank tonight, new girl. One guy visited the ATM [...]


Coming Into My Own- Morgan Sameera

Training alongside my guard helped my powers grow ballistically. I never realized how much I confined myself relying upon manipulation of the ether or teleportation alone. Baat was right. I see now I could stand wars of attrition and vanguard against true evil and darkness. The waiting, plotting, and precision seemed all a courtesy for [...]

Skyscraper- Morgan Sameera

They wish to categorize and understand what they cannot relate to. Rather than embrace the new experience. The new perspective. The brand new field of thought altogether. But… it’s as though their very ego is challenged by a perspective outside their self. My entire life I have been blatantly aware of the psychosomatic boundaries between [...]

Devlin Brooks #2: Opportunity for Discovery

By the time I got to Sheehan's classroom he was already gone. That didn't surprise me I needed the exercise anyway. After walking cross-campus I doubled back halfway. I could at least catch his office hours. Before I could knock on his door it seemed as though there was already someone inside. I couldn't help [...]

Flash Fiction: Devlin Brooks Escape Artist

I was tied to a chair, with my face beaten to a pulp. The Mafia's underboss was before me with his knuckles bloodied, huffing and puffing. Taking a break from whaling on my precious moneymaker. "You know, kid every night I think about that day. How that little brat I spared is ruining everything I [...]