“Pecking Order” – New Girl teaser

Pecking Order   I showed up, virtually ignored by everyone as I walked into the dressing room to change. As I was walking in another woman was behind me, with her stripper droppings all over her body pouring out her hands. “I think I broke the bank tonight, new girl. One guy visited the ATM [...]


7th day of Blessings: Michael

Blessings Onto You: In this day of victory, triump, and peace as we honor the resurrection of our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach the Christ and King of Jews. No greater homage in this day to our savior is a blessing from Archangel Michael, he who was like God. Archangel of protection, power, initiation, speech, and liberty.  [...]

The Truth of Existence regardless of perspective. 

Create 5th dimension suspension upon Earth. Axiom Ultimate Vacuum. Too many are living stuck within 0 dimension of slavery and animalism. Many within the 1st realm of survival and stability trying to find balance. 2nd realm dealing emotionality, pleasure seeking, and the first true stage of egoism. These are the defining moments and characteristics of [...]

Old Man’s War

Past a certain age, a human can no longer function or fight. Their cause dies and they attempt to carry on the torch by living vicariously through their children. And the children grows, imprinted with the same vision and cause in their children. So, on and so forth. Typically in these features, there's a strong [...]

Becoming a Lion…

Growing up I've heard so many adverse things about how to treat women. Many men seem to follow two contrary beliefs. There are the pimps and players. The misogynist and chauvinist who believe themselves about women. They think women are hoes and conquests for the plundering of themselves or others. Then... There are the men [...]