What Opinions Matter?

The only opinions that matter are from those who are where we wish to ascend toward, those willing to help, those who have grown out of our position, and those who are going to sit down us to improve ourselves.

If people want to drop their two cents and dip out, then let their words do the same.

If people want to be real with you and sit down for a couple hours to understand you, where you came from, and where you’re going then these are the ones who you must take seriously.

Everyone is going to have an idea of you.

If they do not take the opportunity to get to know you as you truly are, not in the brief moments, not in the distractions, nor in the words of God. These people do not have your best interest at heart, they simply have a false image of you.

We are all constantly evolving, growing, improving, and learning…

Do not let someone’s momentary screenshot fo you limit your growth, happiness, joy, or light. The enemy is everywhere. The world and the forces of good need you.


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