Authenticity, Being Ourselves

Look yourself in the mirror, who do you see? Do you see the world’s limited perception of you, is this what you find your value you in, the external validation of mankind? Do you allow others to tell you how good you look, how nice you are, how loving you are, and how successful you can become? Why do you give away your power?

We are all going to have to face the world and the temptation of plaintive validation eventually.  It’s healthy for reevaluation, improvement, esteem, and community.

However, the world does not sleep in your bed, the world does not live in your skin, the world does not know you as you are nor what you will become. It doesn’t know the hours you spend practicing your craft or sitting on your ass. It doesn’t know your insecurities or your strengths. The world only knows what you present and what you present is what the world will reflect.

If you allow yourself to be judged and created by the world, you will always fall critically short of your true self and your highest potential because you’re utilizing your reflection, to paint your reality instead of creating a better reality.

The world is inward, outward no matter what anyone tells you. What is within your self-talk, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and practice will paint your reality, what comes back to you!

The world is, in fact, responding to you.  If you are only reacting to the world or living in the world, you are neglecting the critical factor in improving or changing your reality.

Yourself and your bond with God and Gaia.


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