Saving Souls and Indigos

I scheduled this post for yesterday but my day prevented me from feeling capable on addressing the subject. I needed a bit more experience. 

I recently decided to end my social media career. As well as my interactions with any and everyone. I suppose I will be a bit more exclusive and reclusive in the coming decades of my life. I simply do not fit in. 

I am a truth seeker. A scout, searching for answers and solutions. However, I find myself deeply surrounded by people, former classmates, and even my own family who rather live a delusion than learn the truth. Who rather live in apathy, confusion, vehemence, or hopelessness than to be present in finding solutions and responding to the great evil we tacitly accept. 

Left alone, without many allies perhaps comrades. Few willing to understand. Even these blogs and videos often seem in vain. 

I feel as though I’m being treated as a malcontent. Some troll. As if I am the one who didn’t spend a life time studying the truth and finding solutions. People more upset I am pointing our an issue than they care about the issue!

We are losing our children, our hope for the future to materialism, vanity, drug abuse, promiscuity, mental illness, dullness, and learned helplessness. Yet, we rather add to their plight and fuel their hopelessness feeding them to the beast than to save them. 

Even I face this. I started my writing career only to be met with turned backs and disapproval. Why?

I am told people do not have time to read but plenty for television, complaints, and hatred of Donald Trump. But not for love, support, encouragement, or short stories? 

I pondered since I was a child what type of world I’m living in. I still am unclear. Through the darkness I find beautiful, mindful, empathetic, and hopeful souls untouched by the indulgence or victims to the destitution. The indigos who know this world is false and alternatives are abundant. 

My advice is to stay far from the negativity. Please, journey inward so we may know soulful creatures rather than mindless, counteractive, and apathetic. Only concerned with materialism and aesthetic but not substance, truth, true love (not the chemical reaction but endurance), and worst… Their hatred and denial of the creator. 

Indigos, Starseeds, Earth Angels, and Old Souls. Please stay safe. Please save us all.  


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