Heroes Of History #1: Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Heroes Of History  #1: Honorable Elijah Muhammad

First things first lets get this out of the way. Anyone who schemes against a man who wants to build up his people, protect them from murderers, and does so by teaching business ownership, land ownership, brotherhood, sisterhood, and discipline. There’s a problem. Are these not the morals we want instilled in our women? Are these not the men we want our boys to become? Regardless of their nationality or background, do we not want vibrant, joyful, respectable, entrepreneurial, responsible, accountable, and disciplined adults. We seem to strive for this in all other groups in America. However, whenever this subject comes up for Black Folk there’s governmental moves to keep Black people unrepresented yet still a stereotype. As if they were trying to prove a point the reality of Black lives and African Heritage refuses, and has never shown. Outside the government approved images of starving children and refugees as if there aren’t American communities living 3rd world condition, upon the mainland.

This isn’t anger, this is articulation. Of a very difficult subject to write about yet something that must be discussed.

So, let’s get it. Elijah Muhammad.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the prophet of the Nation of Islam. A portion of Black society upholding Islam as the true religion of the displaced Africans. These are the sharp, fresh cut, fresh shave, bowtie, nice suit wearing gentleman. And robed sisters wearing their hijab as a show of self-respect through conservatism. Many NOI members are truly affliated with deep Republican ideologies showing a concurrent spoof of Klansmen and Panther members working together to fight liberality. Both groups believe heavily within nationalism, proud of ones heritage, and self-defense. However, only one group was government supported with 5 centuries worth of reparations to pay.

Elijah Muhammad is not the founder of The Nation of Islam, do not get this confused. He was their prophet. A man who had seen the harshest conditions of this nation who in truth believed in peace. But he knew from personal experience the duality of the American Justice system. He was one of the few who bravely, boldly, and congenially approached the issues of Black Society, not within servility, not improving servility, but suggesting peace in means of self-determination.

America has blatantly shown it wants to recreate and improve about the Anglo-Saxon Roman ideologies of WASPs and Slavers. Sorry, folks someone had to say it. Though, they do offer the most comfortable and sensible form of indentured servitude known to man. This is a fact not opinion.

Something Elijah Muhammad knew about America was times changed, he’s seen it. Times changed, time continues to change. He was a venerable and wise elder, he was the embodiment of time’s movement. He knew in time, White America would have no choice but to accept every speculation, lie, misconception, and belittlement they spurred against the Black man would be proven false.

However, the mass misconception is that the Nation of Islam says to “Kill white People”. They take a very Klu Klux retort to this with a, “I don’t hate you, I just love my people more.” The difference is, Black men prove this throughout history with love and sensuality. The White Man’s history with women is pretty damn bad. Burning at the stakes,  witches, and domesticated housepets. And I have a porn account… I see those thumbnails. That’s some freaky shit man. Real women aren’t like that. However, women locked in the matrix… definitely free game, get in while you can folks. God is coming! I know women can be crazy sometimes, it’s the strange this called emotions, brother. Learn to dance with the ladies. You gotta lead their sway, whatever direction their emotions go is were your blessings or their scorn lies.

The Honorable One spoke of creating communities. In loving ones family through proper nutrition, love, and respect. A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. Marry, and be happy for what you have while you build more. But that seems to be the issue when it comes to Black America, whenever we wish to build more. The market however has drastically changed despite what ones defacto ill-informed ideas of stereotypes and hatred carries them.

Elijah Muhammad, didn’t want nice houses and bling. He wanted land. He wanted industry. He wanted the dream of the Reconstruction Era. Segregated neighborhoods, a ‘you go your way, I go my way’ type of peace. Give me the acres of land, the mulls you promised the whites boy. Give it to all my people as you promised the white boys. And stop making our women your bed wenches. Leave me and mine alone, we’re done jack! Instead, he had to watched as crack, unemployment, welfare, self-rejection, and depravity befell his people after a peak of Black Wealth and Industry, we can argue about causes all day and night, but the reality is there was a fall, one to be recovered from. Tumbles and bruises make the journey.
But back to them facts though…

There were many white nationalists terrorist organizations and plots to destroy Black owned business, churches, schools, militias, and replace this all with sharecropping. Starting with the KKK and ending with COINTELPRO. They refused to let go of their slaves. Elijah didn’t want gold plated chains mined by his brothers’ children. No, he wanted rural area to allow the African Diaspora to flourish all its own.

No matter ones background or beliefs, they can learn a great deal of wisdom, love, light, respect, dignity, and piety from the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


Heroes of History #2: John Punch & Floyd Mayweather

Heroes of History #2: John Punch & Floyd Mayweather

Today you get a double deuce deal for your reading pleasure. A history lesson and an a boxing lesson.

Let’s begin with them facts doe.

There has been a long held hatred of the confident, masculine, Black men. The depictions of Black men depicted in media are despicable. No offense to anyone in specific, but the variety of African influence and acceptance needs to expand in order to repair the minds of the people, globally.

Black men are not shiftless, lazy, fatherless, and uneducated. Not any different than any average rural town. Every group of people have their lower echelon. However, there’s an especial will in America to suppress these images. Instead all our children know the closeted celebrities, but none even the Black children do not know the images of renown African achievement since the 1700s, and 1850s. Are you fucking kidding me? Even in American, African descendants were creating. We seem to view Black Folks as this defeated, docile group of people rather than the reality of being Strong, Deeply Nurturing, and communal people. Something quite honestly, very polar to the Anglo European ideal and something suppressed, enslaved, and beaten within Europe throughout the entirety of the Roman Empire.

So, lets go through and through show why despite his antics, attitude, and arrogance Floyd is truly a lion for the Black Community. Though, not a very big one as his stature dictates.

John Punch was an Black indentured servitude before slavery was even bustling in the 1640s. When the only enemy were the landowners they were indebted to. John Punch marked a precedent within American History continued to this day. John Punch, an indentured servant runs away with two other men in the same labor. They’re returned a few days later, and given their sentences. The two other men, both white, are given a few extra years added to their sentence. John Punch however, was given life. Setting the first case within America. There was absolutely no law stating this, but this was America under the Anglo-Saxon British rule. Divide and conquer is always the greatest strategy to win a war. So, through the 1640s to 2017. Racial division, xenophobia, jingoism, and Aryan Supremacy has reigned. The everlasting weakness of American morality, corruption, foreign policy, and militaristic exploits. It preaches two laws of being an outstanding human being but kill everyone else not like you, that n0 other group truly teaches. A mentality, I would like to point out not concurrent with all European groups, but with the Anglo-Saxon supremacy beset within America throughout its formative years. Deep-seated and deeply woven into the fabric of American ideology, truly preventing America from advancing in full to the more feminine, communicative, and communal global era returning to a Pangean Mindset.

Intro, Floyd Mayweather, a proud, proven, and professional Black alpha male. Despite his size, his stature and the media depictions of his life. He stays in the gym, he stays about his business, and he is outstanding at what he does.

Quick boxing lesson; Mayweather has mastered a technique called the “Philadelphia Roll”, but in keeping with the Roman ideology. A Phalanx. Mayweather uses his left-shoulder to defend his chin, keeping his opponents from ever landing a flush hit on the chin. He fights on a swivel, meaning his cuts his effective hit box in half. And he’s one of the most accurate fighters in his history up there with Anderson Silva. The man is a legend, he’s a damn good fighter. So, of course, he is vilified, his life intruded upon, and his work not able to be appreciated for what is.

Floyd Mayweather, is a an Olympic Champion. He stood up and represented his country. He has been one of the greatest fighters in the world for the majority of his life. He inspires so many young black men and boxers. Yet, has a poor repetition because he doesn’t guards punches with chin forehead like Rocky Balboa. He’s an dexterous fighter, he’s knocked people out. But there’s nothing more fearsome than a man who will take you to the very end of a fight to the last minutes and second, still has all his stamina, is beating you in points, and leaves it all in the ring.

It seems we only ever love our Black men as enemies. But enemies of what?

Without a racial lens, Floyd Mayweather is loved by people. With it, he’s a great African Warrior and this is the nightmare of the masturbatory dreams of the Neo-Roman, Aryans.

He’s an amazing athlete. Stop crucifying our Black men and throwing dirt on their names. There are plenty of White heroes who were murders, drug addicts, and other horrid things. No one is perfect. You appreciate them for their renown qualities. However, always within American History there’s a measurement and barometer for the what a Black man must be, do, think, and be able to achieve. People simply cannot accept he is an astounding fighter, and these are the same people baffled when people say America is racist. They love the paradigm of supremacy too much to acknowledge the achievements and accreditation of other groups. And would rather fraud their own morality, standards, and legalities in order to destroy the image and lives of a Black man. As if the joke never gets old for them, and they cannot allow the past to be the past.

Recognize this, all we want is respect, and opportunity.  Peace.


Ascension Fatigue

I’ve been waking up these past few days waking up feeling heavy. To the point where I just didn’t feel like leaving the house. I slept for about two days straight and have just been at an under lapse of energy. With what little energy I have being sapped away by the numerous responsibilities I’ve maintained.

I can fully acknowledge I am fucking slaying dragons right now! But… I only got to this point today after sitting down with myself and doing a bit of positive-introspection.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. So… there’s a lot of catch-up I’ll be doing over the next few days or maybe even months. Depends on my speed and availability.

But, it’s

Why The End is Near.

The aggressor in a war is the person doing the travelling. So… what does that make our country?

I repeat this many times to no avail. Many people seem confused by this. Or want to ignore this. They refuse to process the significance of being the force committing “preemptive war” upon unsuspecting nations barely even concerned with us until we drone strike their homes.

Our entire life and well-being is based upon stealing and vanquishing the civil liberties of other human-beings. Cultures destroyed for you to live your dreams. Yet, all we complain about here is personal liberty and not having enough freedoms instead of realizing all we have that we have stolen from others. We are not innocent. We cling to this system yet want to talk about how much more JUSTICE! more LIBERTY! and more MONEY! we need. We are entitled to nothing yet have far more than any other group on this planet. Yet, we are still miserable. This is why I believe the world is ending. Because this is a mystery and an illusion to the majority of America, yet the world doesn’t share our ignorance. Your growth. Your success. Your standing. Is built upon the back of child labor, sex traffick, pestilence, genocide, and slavery. Have some sense of… gratitude. Have some sense of finality in your life. At least be as successful as you can in respect of the suffering of others. But so many Americans continuously complain or are in pain because of issues I don’t think many others group on this planet can because we prevent their civilizations to raise upon the hierarchy of needs.

The Things We Take For Granted

The things we take for granted aren’t always physical.


How much do you think I pushed you away when you wanted to be there?

I’ve always had this idea in my head, of a man with so much built up he just goes out to the dessert to let loose. I’ve always sort of felt like that. I just want to get as far away from everything when I get like this. I believe I’m helping those around me but in reality… who does this help?


Open Letter To D. Trump

To Donald J. Trump

But let’s be honest. Someone else probably checks your email. So, to you good sir or madam, hello. My name is Daryl-Omar Shabazz, I am a resident of New Jersey and a current student at Kent State University. I am a Triple Major in Political Science, Psychology, and English. And I want beyond hope to be a Donald J. Trump supporter.
I have seen a video dating back to 1987 to the present day about Donald Trump. His refusal to be president and disinterest. And he’s lived his life as such. I feel most people forget, all men are human. And Trump is a man who has lived his dreams to the fullest. He has turned his father’s fortune into a household name! He married women of men’s envy. And runs successful businesses. Despite everyone having discrepancies of his bankruptcies, he has brought his money back in fold and is currently listed as an 8 billionaire. If this is not a man with impressive credentials for presidency, I am not sure who is.
Politics are a corrupted and disgusting business. More than anything because it isn’t business at all. It’s a bunch of Beggar-Kings with their hands always outstretched asking for money, spending 14hrs a day at times on the phone call asking for donations. What the fuck do these people produce? And people wish to fault Trump for not being a politician? This is ludicrous.
However, I also feel as though the average Trump supporter doesn’t have the best interest of Americans at heart. What does a Billionaire, White Man mean when he says “Make America Great Again.”? What does he mean when he offhandedly says in an interview, “Americans want to work… let them work.” This worries me, sir. As a man who truly wants to support a man who has showed incredible Business Acumen and is the walking epitome of the American Dream. Your rhetoric is truly alarming, sir.
I get it. Trump is a Gemini, you never know what you’re gonna get. You have to pander to your base. But when I envision a Great America, I remember the age in the 60s when numerous Americans citizens stood up to make their living heaven. Where everyone in America had ambition without dependence to keep to the government machine going.
I reject the doctrines, ideals of the klu klux klan, white supremacy, satan, southern baptist, and islam. I am a proud Black Jewish American, and I want to see this country improve for all involved. Oh yeeeaah, drink it in man.
D. Omar Shabazz

Whose Life Matters?

I originally I wanted to respond to the post of a young marine who spoke out against the #blacklivesmatter movement that has exploded in the past year. I suppose this is a chance to clear the air.

I have the benefit of not being a member of either party. As a well to do Black man who has never had a conflict with police, even finding myself following the NYPD page. However, I also have the benefit of being born to a father who was a Fruit of Islam, the soldier for the nation of Islam. I am a man proud of being Black, with a love for my country, and a deep rooted misanthropy toward Americans. Seriously. How the hell do people confuse Black Lives Matter for “Blacks lives matter more than anybody else in the goddamn nation, oink oink, bang bang.” For real, are you a lobotomy patient? Do you listen to their rhetoric, do you even hear their concerns or their platform lol? To confuse these people’s anger, sadness, and their being absolutely fed up with hatred, hate speech, and racism?

How does a Black person in America not carry anti-white sentiment? How else did Blacks get to this nation if not by White People. Our very existence in this nation is at the hands of systematic servitude and oppression i.e. Racism. Mind you, Blacks were just recently identified as humans in America in the 60’s which was a vehement battle fought by Blacks and Whites alike. If you’re not clear who I’m addressing it’s those against the movement. No, pipe down, shut up, these people have every right to be angry. Please list me the benefits of being Black in this nation? Whenever you raise the idea of Black it’s negative, whenever Blacks are viewed in media there’s a negative spin, whenever something is associated with Blackness it’s negative. And it’s been that way in this country since our very inception.

Black people are harassed, brutalized, killed, and incarcerated in mass numbers. The nation doesn’t blink. Black children die, and instead of an ounce of sympathy for lives lost. People hurry to justify their death and posthumously besmirch their name. That’s just inhumane. But that’s natural for Americans. It’s the oldest history we have is apathy toward the conditions and lives of Blacks in this nation.

People are looking far too recently and ignoring our history. Not Black history. Ignoring American History. This is a racist ass country. built upon the graves of the natives who lived here. In its very origin America is xenophobic and racist. Not once in American History has there not been a period of hatred and xenophobia. If it wasn’t toward the British, it was toward the Natives, if not toward the Natives, it was the mounds of European immigrants, if not the old and new immigrants, it’s modern immigrants coming into the nation. Where do White Americans get off with their holier than thou rhetoric of peace and love. Pointing fingers at hate groups and racism lol? I don’t get it.

The front-runner for the Republican Party is Donald Trump, a man who is openly sexist, racist, homophobic, and just plain fucking crazy. He’s a front-runner. He’s a serious candidate respected for his candid personality and openness with how he feels. Why? Because there is an astounding number of Americans WHO AGREE WITH HIM!!

Can we please stop acting as if Racism and Xenophobia aren’t coursing through the blood of America’s fertile land? Can we stop acting like Whites are fucking sovereigns above all else in this nation? Because you’re not. You’re not the greatest thing. Your shit stinks too, just like everyone else’s. Your ancestors have committed one of the greatest atrocities of mankind and you have absolutely no sympathy for it.

This is the issue the BLM movement has with this nation. For 400 years Blacks were not mistreated, they were not victims, they were absolutely and systematically decimated by Whites in this country. Google search slavery, jim crow, or slave punishments. Enough is Enough! Have some sympathy for what Blacks are going through right now. We’re tired of the pain. We’re tired of having to swallow our anger and pain when our own are killed without any need to feel outrage.

But is burning down, and rioting in your own home answer to that!? Hell fucking no!

This post has gone on long enough and I fear it’s mostly just ranting. I hope to formulate my ideas better in my next post stating my issues with the BlackLivesMatter.